Antigen Test Instructions

Antigen Test Instructions

Remove the swab from the container, being careful not to touch the soft end, which is the absorbent tip.

Insert the entire absorbent tip of the swab into the nostril, but do not insert the swab more than ¾ of an inch (1.5 cm) into your nose.

Slowly rotate the swab in a circular path against the inside of the nostril at least 4 times for a total of 15
seconds. Be sure to collect any nasal drainage that may be present on the swab.

Gently remove the swab.

Repeat in the other nostril using the same swab.

Remove the swab from the container, being careful not to touch the soft end, which is the absorbent tip.

Carefully insert the sterile swab into the nostril that presents the most secretions under visual inspection. Keep the swab near the septum floor of
the nose while gently pushing the swab into the posterior nasopharynx. Rotate the swab several times then remove it from the nasopharynx.

Check the expiration date on each component’s package or outer box before use. Do not use any test material beyond the labelled expiration date.

Bring the kit components to room temperature before testing.

Open the pouch and remove the test device and the transfer pipet. Once opened, the test device must be used immediately.

Label the test device with sample identification (ID).

Add 10 full drops (350 – 400 μL) of extraction buffer into the extraction tube.

Place the swab with sample into the extraction tube. Roll the swab three to five (3-5) times.

Leave the swab in the extraction buffer for 1 minute. Roll the swab head against the side of the extraction tube as you remove it. Dispose of the
used swab in accordance with your biohazard waste disposal protocol.

Use the enclosed transfer pipet to transfer extracted sample, adding three (3) drops (120-150μL) to the test device’s sample port (“S”).

Read result at 15 minutes. Some positive results may appear earlier. Note: Results after 20 minutes may not be accurate.

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